May 11


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Mukisa’s story

Mukisa was thrown in a pit latrine by his biological mother. The government rescued him and came to our care for protection.

We have tried to reunite Muikisa with his parents that rejected him.


However, we have identified one of his relatives who desire to care for him, but she is not financially stable.


With your support, we can help Mukisa can get reunited with his aunt.

Give to help Mukisa

Edrine’s story

Camillian Missionaries invited our attention to help Bamutaze Edrine. His father is a single parent and with mental illness. This child was at high risk since, at his age, five and was left to sleep in a house alone.

The relatives are hesitant in caring for Edrine because they’re financially struggling.

We are engaging them to make them know, but their most cry is poverty.

This boy is happy and talented at football. Helping Bamutaze to settle in the family can make him reach his highest potential.




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