​​​​About us

St. Mugagga supports orphans, vulnerable, and isolated children to be in families because every child deserves to be loved, safe, and have dignity.

We have between 60 to 70 boys under our care in our home. Our goal is to help these children be in safe and loving families through kinship-care, family-reunification, and community-based care.

Social Worker visiting children at St. Mugagga Boy's Home School

St. Mugagga is making an impact in our community and beyond

Our story

St. Mugagga Boys' Home was started in 1967 to reduce the death rate of children between the age of 4 to 17 years old due to various factors, including poverty and violence in the homes.

It was a diocesan effort through Brother Herman Wubbles, who by then working with the diocese mostly in child affairs, realizing numbers of infants dumped at the presbytery gates and convents. In cooperation with the Brothers and other authorities located within Jinja Municipality and other urban centers in eastern Uganda to remote villages, he came out with a plan to start St Mugagga Boys Home.

Brother Herman Wubbles, the founder of St. Mugagga saw a need and engaged the community  (1967) (in center of the picture)

Over the past 51 years, more than 6000 children have passed through St. Mugagga. Some have gone on to occupy important positions in society. Most, if not all, have found their place in the broader community, gainful employment, a trade, have founded a family. 


To help orphans and vulnerable children for future self-reliance by helping kids be in loving families 


To give holistic development to the abandoned and neglected children through rehabilitation and education for future self-reliance. We also want to prevent family separation by sustaining and empowering families economically and give skills to better care for their children.

The Solution:

To safeguard the lives of children and restore their dignity, especially the orphans, vulnerable, and isolated children. While doing the following:

  • Reuniting children with biological parents when possible
  • Placing children with next of kin
  • Recruiting and preparing foster parents

Leadership Team

Brother Gerald Majella Ndyanabo, Administrator (left in photo), Brother Rogers Ahabwe, Counselor (center in photo), Brother Nicholus Nuwagira, Social Worker (right in photo)

Organizational Structure for St. Mugagga Boys Home

The organization values the religious Charism of the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga of following and sharing in Humility and Charity of the Divine Heart of Jesus. This is where they draw the courage in carrying out this charitable work.

Chart showing the organizational structure for St. Mugagga Boys Home

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