November 14


Help Rebuild: Urgent Support Needed for St. Mugagga Boys Home

In the wake of the recent heavy rains, we’ve encountered a significant challenge that urgently needs our collective attention and support.

An Unexpected Crisis

The intense and relentless downpour has led to an unforeseen and distressing situation. Unfortunately, our toilet facility, a vital part of the home’s infrastructure, sunk beyond repair. This unexpected incident disrupts the children’s daily lives and poses a serious health and safety concern.

Our main toilet facility collapsed due to heavy rains

 Immediate Action Needed: Reconstruction

We need to reconstruct the toilet facilities as soon as possible. We’ve been advised to rebuild water-based toiles rather than pit latrines due to our soil. The situation at St. Mugagga Boys Home is critical, and immediate action is required. The impact of this disaster extends beyond just the physical damage. It affects the well-being and morale of the boys who call this place home. They deserve a safe and hygienic living environment, and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that they have it.

Collapsed toilet facility

 How You Can Help

We are reaching out to our community of supporters and donors, calling for your help in this time of need. Your contribution can make a significant difference, no matter how big or small. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Financial Donations: Your monetary contributions will go directly towards the reconstruction and improvement of the toilet facilities. We aim to repair the damage and upgrade the facilities to be more durable and resilient against future weather challenges.
  2. Sharing Our Story: Spreading the word is just as valuable as financial support. Please share our plight with your networks to help us reach more people who might be willing to contribute.
  3. Volunteering Your Time or Skills: If you have expertise in construction, plumbing, or any relevant field, your on-ground support would be immensely beneficial.

Documenting Our Journey

We believe in transparency and will document every step of our journey to repair and rebuild. Regular updates will be posted on our website, allowing you to see the impact of your support in real time.

Together, we can overcome this challenge. St. Mugagga Boys Home has always been a community-driven endeavor, and it’s in times like these that this community’s strength and compassion shine the brightest.

Thank you for your continued support and for joining our journey. Your help in this critical time means the world to us and the boys of St. Mugagga.


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