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David and Regan reunite with their mother

David and Regan’s mother started a business and kept her family together thanks to donor support.

David and Regan’s Story

Twesigye David and Mulungi Regan are two brothers who came to St. Mugagga in early 2016 with threatening health conditions due to malnourishment and poor sanitation.

Their father had passed away in the Fall of 2015 from HIV/Aids, their mother was bedridden, and their elderly grandmother was unable to care for them at the time. The boy’s grandmother reached out to St. Mugagga for help; David was nine years old, and Regan was eleven.

After social workers corresponded with the boys’ mother through various assessments and engagements, we learned how much she wished to provide for her sons and create a safe space for them to be a family together.

David and Regan’s mother desired to open a food kiosk business to earn a stable income to provide for her family.

With the help of donor funding, St. Mugagga was able to help Mama Regan start her business. As a result, her daily income continued to grow due to her determination and hard work.

Mama Reagan and David received new items to support her food kiosk business.

The impact of donor support

When asked about her experience and success, Mama Regan said this, “life can change in an instant. I’m now able to look after my children and meet their basic needs—now, to me, dreams have no expiry date.”

When asked what she would like to say to all the donors that made bringing her family together possible, she smiled and stated, “to all who have made my dreams come true, I cherish you. Your support has restored my hope, and now I can finally take a deep breath. My children are happy. We all look forward to the future—which is now bright and huge. Thank you, dear donor.”

Through donations, St. Mugagga can provide resettlement packages to ensure children have basic needs met like food, clothing, and bedding.

David enjoying his new bed as part of the resettlement package provided by St. Mugagga through donations


Regan is helping cook in the outdoor kitchen


Mama Reagan received plastic chairs to be used in her newly opened food Kiosk to serve customers


CCCU coordinator assessing the impact of the financial support the family received with momma Regan

Help change the world of a child with a family.

Rather than placing vulnerable children in an orphanage, your gift can support children being in families.

When you give to St. Mugagga, you can change the world for a child. Help impact the lives of children and families by donating today.


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When you give, you change the world for a child