August 14


Mukisa’s story of Hope in Kinship care

Mukisa was thrown in a pit latrine by his biological mother. The government rescued him and brought him to our care for protection.

However, we identified his Aunt, who desired to care for him, but she is not financially stable.

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to help this family get reunited and keep this family together, along with resources to support self-sufficiency.

Family members like Mukisa’s Aunt receive financial support, food, school allowance, health care, and parenting coaching from our staff.

Now Mukisa’s Aunt can care for him, and he’s able to be in a safe and loving family.

Additionally, we provide tutoring, medical support, training, therapy, to meet the basic needs of families who live nearby.

Mukisa with his Aunt at his Aunt’s house in Mayuge District.

Family-based care and Kinship care

The focus of Family-based care is providing the love, nurture, and security that allows a child to thrive through reunification with biological parents, kinship care, foster care, or adoption.

In most cases, kinship care – where extended families take care of children whose parents have died or abandoned them. These family members receive financial support, job training, food, school allowance, health care, and parenting coaching from our staff.

Help change the world of a child with a family.

Rather than placing vulnerable children in an orphanage, your gift can support children being in families.

When you give to St. Mugagga, you can change the world for a child.

Help impact the lives of children and families by donating today.


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