October 12


Give safe water to Orphans Field Report 3

Dear Donors,

Raindrops may be tiny in shape and size, but cumulatively they make rivers flow.

Thank you for your supporting our clean water and sanitation project.

I wanted to give you a quick progress update from the field.

Currently, the clean water project is still in its initial stages because the finances raised haven’t met the threshold for us to start the second step, which is drilling.

So far, we have raised $7,035 out of the $22,000 goal. But we’re getting closer.

The remaining steps remaining for the water project and their costs are below:

Activity stepsCostStatus
Hydro-geological survey$546Complete
Solar pump installation$5,460Not started
Tank and its accessories + Pipework$10,920Not started

We feel hopeful progress in bringing clean, safe water to these children and remaining optimistic and patient.

Once more, we thank you for your endless support of our project to give safe water.

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When you give, you change the world for a child