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Clean water & sanitation for 82 orphans at St. Mugagga in Uganda

Can you imagine walking several miles to fetch unsafe water to drink? Clean Water is essential to life.

This project will help St Mugagga Boy's Home drill a new water well and install a solar-powered pumping system to provide clean water and sanitation for 82 orphans and vulnerable children in our care. Help a child have clean, safe water to drink, experience good health, and feel more hope for a better life.

Our goal is to raise $22,000. 

We've raised $2,100 from donors locally in Uganda, which has been a challenge with the pandemic.

Our children seek clean water daily.

Our Challenge

St. Mugagga needs a new water source and a solar-powered pumping system to bring clean water to our home. Due to industrial pollution, our water particulate matter is 5.3 times the World Health Organization's safe levels.

One of our most significant medical treatment expenses for water-borne diseases like typhoid and diarrhea is a lack of safe and clean water.

The Solution

The water and sanitation project will provide safe and clean water to the 82 children at St Mugagga Boys Home. This project will involve drilling a borehole and installing a solar system that runs the water pump to fill the Home reserve tank.

Using a solar-powered pump means water can be piped to our home and significantly reduce the distance and time it takes to collect water. As a result, our children's health will significantly improve, helping keep them in school.

We can use rainwater during our rainy season but, it's not enough to meet our needs when it's dry.

Long-Term Impact for the children 

A reliable source of clean water is truly a game-changer for our children! Overall health will improve.

This project will also help keep our kids in school instead of spending long hours collecting water from unsafe sources. 

We raise crops in a 30-acre garden by hand during the dry season

The water project will improve food security and nutrition. Our pigs and chickens will get clean water, and we can irrigate the crops from our 30-acre garden to grow more food, ensure a balanced diet our the children, and boost the home's revenue to be more self-sustaining.

When you give, you change the world for a child

We've partnered with GlobalGiving which will help us maximize your gift by giving us an opportunity to double donations. Thank you for your support!


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When you give, you change the world for a child