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Alex’s story of hope to bring his brother home

Alex lost his two parents when he was very young.

According to reports from relatives, the parents died of HIV/Aids in 2006. Alex was five years and was the elder one out of two brothers. He faced severe challenges at such a tender age.

Alex took care of his young brother Robert. He would fend for the young brother and mainly solicit food from the neighborhood after simple household labor such as collecting garbage, swiping the neighbors’ compound, and fetching firewood or water.

Unfortunately, while still struggling under such unhealthy conditions, some relatives were planning to kill the boys so they could take the land of their parents. It was the help of a good Samaritan who saved the boys from being killed and brought them to St. Mugaggga Boys Home.

Alex works as a casual construction worker and wants is working hard to get full-time employment in the trade. 

That’s where you came into the picture!

We are so grateful that we can continue caring for children through your support, even during difficult and unexpected times.

Alex gets help and hope. 

Alex was received in S. Mugagga Boys Home in 2007 when he was six years old. The home was able to offer him care and protection mainly through accommodation and all the basic needs. The home enrolled him for formal education, where he finished senior four in 2017. He went on to trade school and graduated with a certificate in Building and Construction.

During Alex’s stay in the Home, the administration worked hard in uniting him with his family. There were various steps to intervene in saving his land, which he had inherited from his late father. It was all a success, and we are glad that he now feels at home with his relatives.

On the other hand, however, we have tried to resettle him, but the process is incomplete. When we took Alex back, his grandparents and they had no room for him or his brother to stay. Unfortunately, the grandparents were sleeping in a tiny and old house that could not accommodate them all.

Alex makes bricks for a new home in Mitooma in hopes he can bring his brother to live with him.

Alex’s story is still unfolding

Alex makes bricks for a new home in Mitooma in hopes he can bring his brother to live with him.
He is working hard to survive, and he offers labor at some construction sites where he gets some money to rent a small single room.

During his free time, he makes and lays bricks to construct his own small house on his land plot.

Alex struggles to balance between daily survival and making bricks for the construction of his home to be reunited with his sibling.

Alex is working very hard to build a house so his siblings can return home.

Help Alex bring his brother home.

Alex is disciplined and hardworking and hopes for a better life, but he is financially struggling due to his history. It is for this reason that St. Mugagga seeks to help Alex construct a house. We also want to help him apply his vocational skills to start his business with a toolbox to generate income by constructing homes.

House Project 4,000,000 UGX or $1087.04

Toolbox 800,000 UGX or $217.41

Resettlement package 380,000 UGX or $103.27

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